Photo Restoration

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Petty Cury. Showing the original image and then the restoration work carried out.
You may have already looked at the work that I have done in restoring the photographs of Old Cambridge and also in digitally retouching the Ramsey and Muspratt Portrait archive. The illustrations here show a before and after example of Petty Cury where not only have surface blemishes been removed, but tonal areas have been altered and a suitable sky introduced.
If you have cherished family photographs, possibly a family portrait, which need a bit of TLC either to remove damage to the print surface or to improve the contrast in faded prints, I am happy to offer a bespoke service specific to individual requirements.
Each job is different so individual quotations are given. but a general guide would be:
Scanning photo up to A4 size and supplying print up to A4
Adjusting contrast on faded originals only £15.00
Additional retouching to remove surface blemishes or crease damage. Hourly rate. £25.00